Fir Wooden Octagon Gazebo C 026

Fir wooden octagon gazebo
Solid wood octagon gazebo of fir tree with a side of 1.5m and high of 2.2m, with two doors and closed with glass is suitable for a large garden or for the yard of a guesthouse that has a generous space. It is the ideal space to dine in company of friends and family or just to relax in front of a hot cup of coffee. As it is closed with glass it can be used from spring to late autumn, no matter the weather and why not even during winter.
Depending on your demands the project of the gazebo can be modified. The fir wooden octabon gazebo is going to be made either according to your design either according to a design done together with our team and which responds to beneficiary’s demands.

Details for Fir wooden octagon gazebo C 026

Octagon gazebo with the side of 1500 mm, high of 2200 mm, solid wood, resinous wood, with two doors, closed with glass


  • the foundation
  • stain of wood
  • transport

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