Fir wooden house C 201 Orsova II

Fir wooden house C 201 Orsova II
Fir wooden house with an useful area of 60.5 sqm, plus two terraces one of 8.25 sqm and the second one with a surface of 10.5 sqm, plus a balcony with a generous area of 8.25 sqm where from you can enjoy the view. The fir wooden house is functionally divided, on the ground floor there are the living room, an open kitchen and the bathroom and in the attic you there are two bedrooms. This house integrates perfectly in the rural as well as in the urban area and is ideal for a family with children.
Depending on your needs or desires the project of the house can be modified. The wooden house is going to be made either according to your design either according to a design done together with our team.
Details for fir wooden house  C 201 Orsova II
- imprint: 7m / 7m (49 sqm)
- ground floor: 5.5m / 5.5m (30.25 sqm) = PRICE 450 euro/sqm (VTA included)
- terrace: 5.5m / 1.5m (8.25 sqm) = PRICE 220 euro/sqm (VTA included)
- terrace: 7m / 1.5m (10.5 sqm) = PRICE 220 euro/sqm (VTA included)
- garret floor:  5.5m / 5.5m (30.25 sqm) = PRICE 450 euro/sqm (VTA included)
- balcony: 5.5m / 1.5m (8.25 sqm) = PRICE 220 euro/sqm (VTA included)
-Wall thickness: 80mm - double tongue and groove joint technology, beam interlocking at the corners
Ground floor:
- living room
- open kitchen
- bathroom
Garret floor:
- 2 bedrooms

KIT PRICE: 33165 euro (VTA included)

The price includes:

  • exterior walls,
  • full roof with bituminous shingle  (for a surcharge, the roof can be made of tiles or bilka sheet covering)
  • clasic doors
  • clasic windows
  • interior stairs


  • interior walls insulation
  • staining of wood
  • shutters
  • the foundation  (not available)
  • sanitary and electrical  (not available)
  • flooring on the ground floor (18mm-20mm, 35 euro/mp)
  • transport
  1. The documentation (the project, the plans), the approvals and authorizations are the responsibility of the beneficiary
  2. The foundation (plate), the electric wiring and the piping are provided by the owner
  3. The construction deadline is between 30 and 90 days starting from the day of the payment of the 40% advance. The next payment of 50% will be made when receiving the KIT (transportation) and the remaining 10% on assembly.
  4. The beneficiary will provide the accommodation and a meal / day for the assembly team.

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