Fir wooden house Prejbeanu NUB c 020

Fir wooden house Prejbeanu NUB c 020

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Fir wooden house Prejbeanu NUB c 020

7000 Euro / Kit
  • Availibility: Custom
  • Categories : Wooden Houses

The fir wooden house has a surface of 20 sqm, it is simply and useful divided, consisting of a living room and a bathroom. This cottage represents the best solution for a family to spend a weekend in the middle of nature enjoying the serenity, fresh air and sun. Due to the relatively small, yet comfortable dimensions, this house is suitable for the guesthouses that have a generous yard and wish to offer bungalow type accommodation to their guests.

Depending on your needs or desires the project of the house can be modified. The wooden house is going to be made either according to your design either according to a design done together with our team.

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More details about this product can be found below.
- imprint : 5m / 4m (20 sqm)
– Wall thickness - 44 mm - tongue and groove joint technology


- living room
- bathroom

- exterior walls
- Complete roof of bituminous shingles (for a surcharge can be made of Bilka panel or tiles)
- Classical doors
- Classical windows
- Assembling

- interior walls insulation
- staining of wood
- interior ground floor (between 18 mm – 20 mm, fir wood)
- shutters
- electrical wiring and sanitary group (we don’t carry out electrical or sanitary installation works)
- foundation (we don’t make foundations)
- pedestal
- transportation

1.  The documentation (the project, the plans), the approvals and authorizations are the responsibility of the beneficiary
2. The foundation (plate), the electric wiring and the piping are provided by the owner
3. The completion period is between 30 and 90 days starting from the day of the payment of the 40% advance. The next payment of 50% will be made when receiving the KIT (transportation) and the remaining 10% on assembly.
4. The beneficiary will provide the accommodation and a meal / day for the assembly team.

- Wall of 80mm = 450 Euro / m²
- Transport = 3 Euro / Km
- Bilka panel extra = 10 Euro / m²
- Interior ground floor = 15 Euro / m²
- Staiming of wood = 5 Euro / m²
- House Pedestal = 50 Euro / m²
- Classical Shutters = 200 Euro / m²
- Insulation, grid, with rockwool and panel = 100 Euro / m²