Fir wooden church Oradea C 200 model

Fir wooden church Oradea
The fir wooden church has a total surface of 52.5 sqm from which the altar has 7.5 sqm. This is a simple, minimalist place of worship, that is built relatively fast and with low costs. The wooden churches represent places that offer warmth, tranquility and the feeling of home, stimulating for introspection and meditation.
Depending on your demands the project of the church can be modified. The fir wooden church is going to be made according to a design done together with our team and that responds in the smallest details to the needs of the customer and the community.
Details for fir wooden church Oradea model C 200
- imprint: 9m / 5m + altar 2.5m / 3m (52.5 sqm)
Total turnkey exterior price for:
- wall thickness: 80 mm - double tongue and groove joint technology: 26250 EUR (VTA not included)
- wall thickness: 120 mm - double tongue and groove joint technology: 31500 EUR (VTA not included)
Transportation and assembling will be calculated depending on distance.
The price includes:
- 2 doors
- 6+3 windows
- cladding roof tiles 
The completion period is between 30 and 90 days.
1. The prices displayed are without VAT
2. The documentation (the project, the plans), the approvals and authorizations are the responsibility of the beneficiary
3. The foundation (plate), the electric wiring and the piping are provided by the owner
4. The completion period is between 30 and 90 days starting from the day of the payment of the 40% advance. The next payment of 50% will be made when receiving the KIT (transportation) and the remaining 10% on assembly.
5. The beneficiary will provide the accommodation and a meal / day for the assembly team.
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